Friday, April 27, 2012

I can't believe it is over three months since I posted and also finished the blocks for my Sylvias Bridal Sampler and I still haven't decided on a border!!  I haven't been idle during the three months though; have been busily working on two black and white quilts, one for my daughter and one for my grandson and yes they are both "Collingwood" supporters.  (For those non-aussies Collingwood are a 'much loved or much hated' football team.  Must admit I am over black and white and don't want to see this colour combo for a while.  My local group have decided to take over the responsibility of making quilts for a local aged care facility.  It will be a ongoing project and although most of us have plenty of fabric/scrap etc.  we are fortunate enough to be getting assistance with finance for batting and backing from a local service organization.  Very big help as we are looking at probably making between 15-20 per year.  They are only 40-42 inches scquare, just big enough for lap quilts, not too big for those in wheel chairs but big enough to put over the end of their beds for decoration.  The residents love their quilts and the staff really look after them and are generous in their praise for our efforts as they love having the rooms look great. 

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Ynott said...

Wonderful job you willing be doing. They will really be appreciated.