Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm really teed off.  Went to the reject shop for another trolley with drawers to be told he had just sold the last one, which means there was one out the back on Sat when I asked but staff didn't know it was there so I missed out.  Not to worry he will get me another but it may be at least 3 weeks away.  I am looking for a pat on the back as I have pressed every piece of fabric in my stash and put it on new shelves.  What a job!  I've got to say it is probably a job everyone should undertake every now and then, maybe not press, but just handled every piece as there is now fabric on my shelves that I do not remember purchasing and certainly didn't know was in my stash (perhaps some was gifts but don't remember is that old age creeping up I used to be able to remember all the little details of my fabric).  Must say it all looks very pretty in the walk in robe.  Husbands comment before it was half done "does anyone person need this much fabric there must be enough to open your own quilt shop."  He doesn't know the saying about who has the most wins!!!! and I'm not about to tell him!!!!!1
On a non quilty note I wish everyone a very happy easter and hope the easter bunny brings you all lots of goddies.