Saturday, March 8, 2008

I have had a busy couple of days sewing. First time I have really felt like it in a while. I have decided the stash must be decreased!! To this end I have done 3 pineapple blocks using the FQs from Lonsdale Lights 2007 exchange. When I can figure out how to put photographs onto this site I will post a picture, I'm extremely happy with them. By way of a change, today I have spent cutting and sewing the oriental charm squares swapped at the Southern Cross Quilters Bendigo Retreat in 2007. After a lot of trials finally decided to do chinese coin design. Guess what? A lot of designs were directional and I cut them all wrong. Can't have people birds etc on their sides so must come up with a new design. Instead of chinese coins running horizontal they will now run vertically and I will sash them in blocks instead of columns. This will make it easier to quilt anyway.