Thursday, January 8, 2009

A small quilt in my favorite colours. It was made in a class with Angie Solomon when she was promoting her book 'Angies Angles'. Somehow I have changed this post to double spacing, I will have to find out how I accidently did this and undo it for future posts. It seems that I haven't learnt very much over the past year of blogging, I'm still floundering around and spending far more time than I had anticipated just uploading one small photograph and putting some text with it. Hopefully during this year I will finally get my act together and learn a bit more.... I am looking forward to another year at my friendship group. We have decided to once again swap the 10 inch squares of fabric the same as 2008 but as well we are going to swap patterns each month. This enables us to use our own fabric and make using the size of our own choosing. The challenge will be to put them all together at the end, not just in the old sampler format.