Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finally we moved into our new home last Friday would you believe 1st April. Quite a date for me as I actually started a new job for the Dept of the Army on 1st April 1965, long time ago and only a week after my engagement to John. The house is really wonderful very spacious after the tiny little rental we have been in for the last 11 months. The sewing room looks like a bomb hit it at the moment but hopefully after another trip to Ikea next week it will look respectable and I will proudly put up a photograph for you all to see. The last week has been pretty hectic but most of unpacking has been done except for my very best china and crystal which awaits a new cabinet which will arrive a week from today. My big disappointment this week was that my son and his partner and my gorgeous granddaughter Lola were to have arrived from Perth on Thursday (haven't seen them since first week in December) but unfortunately Lola developed an ear infection so they were unable to fly. They will how be joining us in mid May. A few tears but I guess in the scheme of things what is another 6 weeks (says everyone but me)!!!!!!!! She will have had her 1st birthday by then, but only just so perhaps we will have a second celebration. Looking forward to getting back to sewing in another week or so. I know I could probably do it now but wouldn't enjoy it as much knowing I still have quite a bit to do so would rather get it all out of the way first. Thats just me!!!!!!!