Saturday, January 7, 2012

I haven't added photographs of my Sylvias blocks for a while so thought I had better do some catching up.  Below are another dozen done (getting there).  It feels good to be over half way now in fact I think I ONLY have about another 30 to go as I have completed some right at the bottom as part of the SBS Block of the Week I participate in.  I am going to love coming to the last row as I have already done half the row.
My completed quilt will be a bit different to the original as I have substituted blocks I don't like for some I made as a block of the month with my quilting group a couple of years ago and I wanted to include them in this quilt.  We all have favourites I'm sure and also some we dislike.  I am not fond of curved blocks eg. drunkeds path and similar so these are mainly the ones I have omitted for my friendship blocks.  I'm sure Sylvia would like it if we made it our own version.  Mine certainly will be

Dresden Plate, Duck and Ducklings and Puss in the Corner

My alternate block for Grace's Friendship, Pinwheel1, Dove in the Window

Kings Star, Odd Fellows Chain, Rolling Stone (remade)

Windblown Square, Yankee Puzzle and True Lover's Knot

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Anvil, Birds in the Air and Mexican Star