Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yesterday I went to Sorrento to the Point Nepean Group's Exhibition. As usual after viewing lots of lovely quilts I came home all inspired and so will endeavour to spend more time at my machine over the next couple of months. I have also been looking favourably on the Bridal Sampler of Elm Creek fame. Will I or won't I is the question? As I am doing blocks with my friendship group which are 9 inch I will probably leave the Bridal Sampler for now although I do covet it.
Posted by Picasa This is the 2nd block in friendship group pattern swap.
Posted by PicasaThis is the first block in my friendship groups pattern swap. We hope to make some very exciting and different 'sampler quilts' It will be interesting to see how they all end up as we are using our own fabrics.