Thursday, March 27, 2008

Its been a very big couple of weeks. Had a farewell lunch with Zoe and Maureen from work on Wed before Easter then finished at The Blanket Box the next day. Good Friday was spent quietly then birthday celebrations began on Sat (my actual birthday). Firstly Sophie cooked lunch (exceptionally nice baked potatoes which she had learnt to do at school) for me as well as John, Leesa and Spencer. Sat evening was a family dinner at the Carlton Hotel in Geelong which had a limited menu but oh boy was what they did excellent. Sunday was once again a bit of a food feast with Matt firing up his new BBQ, cooking a large piece of pork and we ate the last Christmas pudding. Monday was spent working on Pineapple blocks my monthly Kaleidascope block for Lonsdale Lights and a bit more to my Bendigo Retreat quilt. On Tuesday 25th I had 8 guests for lunch. Three from Mahjong, four quilters and Leesa. They mixed really well and I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves. During all this food and drinking I have been walking religiously every day to try and keep the weight under control and I think I have done that. More work to be done though. Today I am off for my first day of voluntary work at the Historical Museum in Queenscliff. It entails listening to Joyce Stewart talk about Queenscliff during the Second World War. Another chapter begins!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I have had a busy couple of days sewing. First time I have really felt like it in a while. I have decided the stash must be decreased!! To this end I have done 3 pineapple blocks using the FQs from Lonsdale Lights 2007 exchange. When I can figure out how to put photographs onto this site I will post a picture, I'm extremely happy with them. By way of a change, today I have spent cutting and sewing the oriental charm squares swapped at the Southern Cross Quilters Bendigo Retreat in 2007. After a lot of trials finally decided to do chinese coin design. Guess what? A lot of designs were directional and I cut them all wrong. Can't have people birds etc on their sides so must come up with a new design. Instead of chinese coins running horizontal they will now run vertically and I will sash them in blocks instead of columns. This will make it easier to quilt anyway.