Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Below are the BOW blocks for the last few weeks.

I am finally over half way on my journey with this quilt.  I finally feel
as if I am getting somewhere,  it was a very daunting task in the beginning.
Now I really want to get on with it.  I have started joining the blocks together
and must decide whether or not to do quilt as you go in rows or just quilt overall
at the end.  Decisions, decisions.

Right Hand of Friendship and Pinwheel

Dogtooth Violet and `Cut Glass Dish
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Card Trick and Jack in the Box

Childrens Delight and Star of the Orient
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I haven't posted for a while but have been diligently working on Sylvias blocks.  The following are the next in the order I am doing them but I have also done some on a BOW on Jennifer's list.  Must say that really keeps you honest and you at least sew one a week even if you don't get around to any more. 

Mariners Compass and Autumn Leaf

Wedding Ring 2 and   Shooting Star
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Chimneys and Cornerstones and Sarah's Favourite

Crown of Thorns and Dutchmans Puzzle
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