Saturday, July 17, 2010

I have finally put my head down and done a few blocks this week.  Recently I have been working on a hand project that will long term.  Unfortunately I have now sewn all the pieces that I had cut for it and the fabric I need to cut more is packed in a box 'somewhere' in this house. 
On the house front we are finally in the system e.g. subdivision is finally complete, survey pegs are in, so we can no go ahead and get soil tests done and building permits.  I suppose this will be another month!!!!!!  and I thought this would be easy.   It would have much easier to have purchased a house but couldn't find one we didn't want to make major alterations to so went with the building option.  I know we won't regret it when we are finally in it 'next year'.

And some more.
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Here are my latest blocks for my Sylvias Bridal Sampler
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