Friday, December 16, 2011

I am completely overwhelmed by the number of comments I have received for the 'giveaway'.  I must rethink how I will make a selection.  My idea now is to select all the ideas then as I don't have an automatic selector on my computer I will put all names in a hat and get my granddaughter to draw one out.  There seems to be a bit of a trend in what quilters are making at the moment, eg. disappearing nine patch and twisters seem to be the most popular.  I have made a disappearing nine patch so know what that is but I am not familiar with the twister.  I have a little square ruler that I purchased at a show which I haven't used yet and I'm wondering if this is what you use.  What I have is called a 'Pinwheel Magic' but it seems by reading the instructions you join diffeent squares together then cut the centre out of where they are joined then then turn it around, is this what you call a 'twister'./