Friday, December 21, 2012

Australian quilter  Cinzia:has issued a challenge on Southern Cross Quilters  to  bloggers, and I have decided to participate, (not sure if I am up to the challenge but I intend to give it a go.  Rules are as follows:
“Scatterdays is a bit like categories. Every
Saturday a letter and four different categories will be listed. Scatterers have
one week in which to find one thing for each category, photograph it and upload
it to their blog. The following Saturday surfers often cruise around to check
out what you found. After you have checked out other scattering blogs you can
then start on next week’s list.. and so it goes around.”
If you would like to participate in this challenge with us, you can sign on with Cinzia at her blog:

I have mostly posted just photographs of my quilting journey with the odd holiday photograph so this will be very new to me.  Hope I am up for it.

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