Sunday, August 29, 2010

I continue to work on my SBS quilt albeit it slowly.  Today as part of my process of foundation I was pressing and must have had the iron far to hot as it melted the foundation violene I use for making my blocks, so back to the drawing board for this one.  I have also signed up to participate in a fabric exchange over at 'Stash Manicure' which I am really looking forward to, could be quite a challenge but I am looking forward to meeting my swap partner.
On the house front we are slowly but hopefully surely proceeding towards a point where maybe we can actually start building.  The hold up has been the subdivision but it is apparently now in the hands of the 'Titles Office' so maybe just maybe we will be actually be able to settle sometime next week, fingers crossed.
I'm sure my patchwork hobby has taught me the patience needed if one decides to build a new house!!!!!
Just have to go with the flow.


Sequana said...

Hello from Chicago, IL. *S*

You are very brave to begin the Star Crazy adventure while having things all packed away.

No rush, you know. Just print out all the months instructions so far, and work when you can. It'll be a very pretty quilt in the end.

Welcome to our group. *S*

Oh, and congrats on a new grandbaby.

Mrs Quilty said...

Hello Karen, glad to have met you from another blogger, and nice to read your blog and become a follower. I so enjoy conversing with someone from other countries, and exchanging quilting stories. Here's to a new friendship!