Saturday, June 19, 2010

I finally put the finishing touches to Lolas cot quilt today.  Now all I have to do is make an appropriate label for it.  I will post a photograph before I send it off to Western Australia.  I am nearing 1,000 visitors to my bog, I will have think of something to have as a giveaway.  I know I have got quite a number of things suitable but they are packed in boxes 'somewhere'.  I will let you all know when I have found something appropriate.

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Quilterrits said...

Hi Karen, you won't believe this, but I posted a picture on my blog of some red and yellow blocks I made from two big squares put together, and I've lost them. check them out, I think they are so pretty, and was getting ready to make a star block, but now I can't find them. If I won your giveaway, I'd make half square triangle blocks, and use them to make stars. Thanks for having a qiveaway! Go to my blog and say hi when you get a chance, would love to hear from you.