Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finally I have got around to posting photographs of my latest blocks.  As you can see from the names underneath I have altered positions of some of the blocks or in some cases made a completely different block to what is shown in the book.  I want to make this quilt my own not just a replica and I must admit I really don't like the positioning of some of the blocks in the book.  I like a little more balance.  There seems to me to be quite a few areas where there are a bunch of stars together or x type blocks, so I have chosen to move quite a few around. 
On the house front we are still awaiting the finishing off of the subdivision.  All of the conveniences eg power, sewerage etc have been connected up and we are now just waiting on footpath and road to be completed.  Once that is done the soil testing and levels can be done in readiness for the building.  I can't wait for it all to begin (won't be until early July hopefully!) 

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Joy V said...

It's coming along really well Karen. Keep it up.